28 September 2022

European Day of Languages 2022

Year 7 went off-timetable to celebrate the important day in the MFL calendar and highlight the importance of learning a language across Europe. 

20 September 2022

We're celebrating the European Day of Languages

The official date is 26 September however we'll be celebrating on Tuesday, 27 September with lots of fun and activities across the school.

15 July 2022

From Priory to Primary with the Languages Department

Yesterday, six Priory pupils visited Lostock Hall Primary School to deliver a mini carousel of French language activities to Year 1 and Year 2 pupils. 

16 May 2022

MFL German - Welcome back Mr Warham

Did you know that we also offer GCSE examinations in other foreign languages at Priory?

12 May 2022

Through the key hole... Year 10 Languages

This week in French, it was round two of Galette cake making for Year 10.

29 April 2022

Through the key hole... Year 7 Languages

This week in French, Year 7 have had an 'escape room' lesson.

23 March 2022

Year 10 Languages class get a taste of royalty in Food Tech

Year 10 have been baking 'Galette des Rois' as they begin their next topic of Festivals and Celebrations as part of their GCSE French course. 

1 March 2022

Through the key hole... Year 8 Languages

This week in French, Year 8 have been learning about directions.

23 February 2022

Year 11 pupil talks Japanese at UCLan

Priory's Year 11 Japanese language learner attended the Japan Day at UCLan as part of the school's careers enrichment programme.

10 February 2022

Through the key hole... Year 11 Languages

This week in French, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Year 11 have been speed dating in preparation for their mock speaking exams.

3 February 2022

Through the key hole... Year 10 Languages

This week in French, Year 10 discussed the positive and negatives of the internet.

31 January 2022

Languages department is buzzing about spelling

Year 7 pupils are extending their French vocabulary thanks to a Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Spelling Bee national competition.

15 October 2021

Year 11 pupil learns Japanese

The Languages department is currently supporting a Year 11 pupil through her personal study of GCSE Japanese.

22 June 2021

Tense moments in French for Year 9

Priory’s Year 9 pupils have been revisiting their childhood and writing about it in French.

30 May 2021

Tres Bien Mon Super College!

Year 8 students combined their French, architectural and creative knowledge to draw and explain ‘Mon Super College.’

18 March 2021

Mon super college

Year 8 has begun an exciting project in their French lessons called Mon Super Collège.