At Penwortham Priory Academy we pride ourselves on a strong and successful transition programme. This allows our new students a smooth and enjoyable transition from primary school to Priory.

Our programme of transition is wide ranging and spans the full academic year. We work very closely with our feeder primary schools throughout the year as well as a number of opportunities for Years 4, 5 and 6 students to visit Priory.

A number of our staff work in the primary schools on a number of exciting projects including ICT, Maths, Science, Physical Education and Design & Technology. One of our Modern Foreign Languages teachers also practices in two local primary schools.

Mrs Farley, our Transition Manager, is currently on maternity leave and will be covered by Mrs Bullock who can be contacted via email at

New Year 7 pupils starting September 2020

We want to make the transition from primary school as smooth as it can be in the current situation. If you haven't received a phone call or any emails from Mrs Bullock or Mrs Ham, please contact Mrs Bullock on as it may be that we have an incorrect email/mobile number.

A reminder that enrolment forms should be completed and returned to us by Friday, 3 July.

Forms can be dropped off at Reception with the 'All About Me' sheet before 3pm at which point you will also be able to buy your child's tie at £5.

If you would prefer to post the documents please address it to Mrs Bullock, Transition Manager, and let her know by email,, that they're on their way.

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Transition Documents

Summer Work Packs

The summer work packs includes activities from our Maths, English and Science departments for your child to complete. Pupils only need to bring the completed work pack with them on their first day back to school in September and staff will use these as the basis of their very first lessons with pupils in these subject areas.

Copies of these documents are available to download below.

Year 6 Additional Work

Here is some extra work you can have a look at if you wish over the coming months (this is not compulsory) and may be a little more challenging than the primary school work you have completed.


In Maths at Priory we have a web based service called Mathswatch which we have been using to assign work remotely to all of our students. I can create a temporary log in (you will get a permanent one when you join us in September). If you would like the log in details, please email me at with your child's name, DOB and primary school and I will send the log in details back directly to you.

You will then receive work that some of the Year 7s are currently receiving on a daily basis. There are videos attached to every question from within the browser should you get stuck.

I look forward to meeting you in September.

Mr Henshaw


Attached are documents that cover the Year 6 curriculum and feed into what you will do when you join us in Year 7.  The documents are questions with answers about relevant content.  This could be used in a number of ways;

  • You could remove the answers then answer either independently or by researching and then mark it.
  • You could use the questions to design fact sheets or posters.
  • You could use the questions to create crosswords or quizzes for family members.

I also recommend looking at KS3 BBC Bitesize as it has some nice quizzes and clips.  Here is a link 

The topics we will cover in Year 7 and therefore will be appropriate to look at include;

  • Living organisms
  • Ecosystems and Habitats 
  • States of matter
  • Acids, alkalis and salts
  • Energy 
  • Space 

Have a great Summer and see you very soon.

Mrs Massey


In English we love reading! Reading is so important because it helps to develop your imagination, increase your vocabulary and it's a fun way to explore the world without even having to leave your house. 

Attached is a list of books we highly recommend you read. They will take you to all sorts of weird and wonderful places and they are filled with characters we think you'll love. 

I hope you enjoy the suggestions. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Mrs Robinson-Ali 

Year 6 Summer Work Packs and Additional Work