3 October 2022

Year 7 are in a buzz about books

Year 7 pupils admit they will feel a buzz when they get their hands on a brand new book!

3 October 2022

Year 11 Pupil Scales To The Top For Charity Fundraiser

Year 11 pupil, Chloe, scaled the summit of Mount Snowdon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

3 October 2022

Mr Farron's Compost Corner - Autumn Update

Priory’s gardens are our pride and joy and award-winning gardener Mr Farron wants to let parents and pupils know what to expect each month as the landscape changes. Here's what's going on in Autumn.

30 September 2022

A day at the 'book' fair

On Thursday we took a trip down to the library to see what was happening at the book fair. 

28 September 2022

European Day of Languages 2022

Year 7 went off-timetable to celebrate the important day in the MFL calendar and highlight the importance of learning a language across Europe. 

25 September 2022

Can you help at our careers fair?

We're looking for local organisations and friends of the school from a wide range of careers to inspire the next generation. 

24 September 2022

Mrs Gidden's cool reader's club - Harriet

These are our reading stars put forward by their English teacher. We interview them about their current book, what they like reading and what they like to do when they’re not reading. Introducing Harriet...

23 September 2022

From Primary to Priory at Open Evening

Our doors opened on Thursday evening to over 400 families as they began their search for a secondary school for their children.

20 September 2022

The Harris' New Mural Unveiled

The new mural designed with the help of Priory pupils has been unveiled in an event celebrating Preston’s textile heritage.

20 September 2022

Priory's Anne Frank Trust Ambassador's role begins

Year 10 Jessica has just been on a course in the Lake District as part of her Anne Frank Trust Ambassador role. 

20 September 2022

The Book Fair is Back

It’s with us in the library from 28 September until 5 October so make sure you join us for this celebration of reading!

20 September 2022

We're celebrating the European Day of Languages

The official date is 26 September however we'll be celebrating on Tuesday, 27 September with lots of fun and activities across the school.