15 October 2021

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The Languages department is currently supporting a Year 11 pupil, Hannah Y,  through her personal study of GCSE Japanese.  Although Head of Department, Mrs Scully, is guiding Hannah through the Edexcel specification, unfortunately we don't speak the language!

After a call for help on our social media channels, we had a wonderful local lady, Mrs Small, step forward to offer her support, as well as a former pupil, Tebrez Khan (Class of 2013), who has an Hons degree in the subject!

On Wednesday, Mrs Small, a Japanese national currently living in Penwortham, came in to meet us and practice the written and spoken language with Hannah. 

Mrs Scully was in awe of the dedication and work Hannah had produced so far and both ladies were very impressed with her knowledge of Japanese script - hiragana and kanji. 

We are grateful to Mrs Small who has offered to spare time over the coming months, leading up to the exam next summer, and help to fulfil this opportunity for Hannah. Hannah eventually wants to work in Japan teaching English as a second language (ESOL) or work as a translator.

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