18 October 2021

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Head of Year 7 Mrs Farley says she is ‘proud’ of the way the Year 7s have settled into life at Priory. 

The pupils have now got used to knowing their way around the school and are thriving in lessons in their first term at secondary school. 

Mrs Farley said: “It has been hard for this year group because of Covid-19, pupils needed to get back into a school routine and these Year 7s also had to deal with the fact it was a different school. They are doing really well considering what they have had to put up with in the last 18 months and I am proud of them all. 

“Pupils have come to Priory from 52 different primary schools and many were worried about making friends but they have all settled in well. There are some real characters and they have all found their feet!” 

Anna H said: “I was worried I wouldn’t make any friends but I have made some good ones and I am enjoying all my lessons. My favourite subject is maths.” 

Daniel H said: “I have settled in easily and it helps because my sister is here so I knew what to expect. The difference between primary school is moving classes but I am getting used to it.” 

Emma M said: “I love science here, it’s my favourite subject, because you get to do practicals.”   Ellis T admitted: “My favourite subject is PE because I get to play football!” 

Aaron W said: “My favourite subjects are maths and PE. I have made a lot of new friends. We have a lot of new teachers but I am used to that now.” 

Hannah N added: “It’s different to primary school as we have to go to so many different classrooms and they aren’t all the same so I can never remember where I sit! I have settled in well though and I always wanted to come to Priory. My favourite subject is maths.” 

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