9 July 2023

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We asked our current Year 7s what nuggets of advice they would give to the Year 6s ...

Our Year 7s are close to completing their first year at Priory and all admitted that, while they were nervous before they came into school, they have relished their first year here. You will get a warm welcome at Priory!

A selection of Year 7s talked about their first year at secondary school and how they found it. They also had this advice...

Finn, who went to Whitefield Primary School, said: “I have enjoyed my first year. I did well on a spelling test recently! I like sports the best. I play football and enjoy boxing.” 

Naeem advised, "I really enjoy English and if you don't act yourself, you don't know what true friends you're going to make!"

Noah, who went to Broad Oak Primary School, said: “All the older pupils have been really nice and helped us settle in. I attend Chess Club and am a librarian.” 

Wren, who went to Middleforth CoE Primary School, said: “There are more lessons and you move around a lot more than primary school but there is nothing to be scared of coming to Priory.” 

Esa added, "I really enjoy PE and don't be scared to do what you want to do, not what you think other people will like."

Josh, who attended Little Hoole Primary School, said: “I did find it a bit hard at first as it’s not like primary school but I have settled in now. I play basketball.” 

Merdi, who went to Kingsfold Primary School, said: “My favourite subject is PE. The main difference is the technology lessons, I enjoy them.” 

Excellence offered, "If you're interested in PE there are lots of fun activities like football and basketball."

Shivam said, "I enjoy maths and don't follow what other people say, follow your dreams"

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