3 May 2023

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Our current Year 7s have settled into life at Priory and are now looking forward to welcoming the new arrivals in September. 

A selection of Year 7s talked about their first year at secondary school and how they found it.

Finn, who went to Whitefield Primary School, said: “I have enjoyed my first year. I did well on a spelling test recently! I like sports the best. I play football and enjoy boxing.” 

Noah, who went to Broad Oak Primary School, said: “All the older pupils have been really nice and helped us settle in. I attend Chess Club and am a librarian.” 

Wren, who went to Middleforth CoE Primary School, said: “There are more lessons and you move around a lot more than primary school but there is nothing to be scared of coming to Priory.” 

Josh, who attended Little Hoole Primary School, said: “I did find it a bit hard at first as it’s not like primary school but I have settled in now. I play basketball.” 

Merdi, who went to Kingsfold Primary School, said: “My favourite subject is PE. The main difference is the technology lessons, I enjoy them.” 

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