2 May 2023

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‘Resilient,’ ‘hard working’, ‘helpful’ and a ‘natural leader’ – these are just a few of the descriptions given by Priory teachers to our new group of Lead Learners in Years 7 and 8. 

Mr Henshaw presented the surprised select few with their certificates and badges as they were told they would be the Lead Learners for this term, where they will be a role model for all other pupils. 

“It’s not about being the best at a particular subject, it’s about having an excellent attitude to learning and a resilience that, when the going gets tough, those pupils kept trying,” said Assistant Head of Maths Mr Henshaw. 

“It’s about their enthusiasm, their willingness to do additional classroom activities and to be a great ambassador. 

“They have all done this and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by their teachers and they have said amazing things about these pupils. They should wear their badge with pride as it is something to be really proud of.” 

Year 7 Maya, who was praised for her excellent classwork among other things, said: “When I was called out of class I didn’t know what to expect so I am really pleased.” 

Freya said: “It’s exciting to be selected and I am proud to be recognised by my teachers.” 

Aiden, who was praised for his willingness to help, said: “I always want to help other people so this is a nice achievement.” 

Josh, who was quoted as being an ‘outstanding linguist’, said: “I am happy to be a Lead Learner, I hope to be a good ambassador.” 

Jazmin said: “I always try hard in class and it feels great that my teachers have noticed me. I am ready for the challenge.” 

Saachi added: “It’s amazing to be a Lead Learner, I feel really honoured.” 

Year 8 Taylor is described as ‘extremely bright’ and ‘modest and kind’ and he said: “I will take that! I am happy to be selected.” 

Skye said: “I thought I was in trouble when I was asked out of class so I was scared so to be a Lead Learner is a nice surprise.” 

Hannah added: “It’s a good achievement especially as my teachers have nominated me.”

Year 7 Aiden M, Maisiev R, Jazmin K, Saachi R, Excellence I, Shivam Y, Freya B, Maya L, Zishan H, Josh M

Year 8 Samuel D, Louis H, Sehr A, Shiven N, Ciello De L, Alan K, Taylor K, Skye S, Anna H, Hannah N


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