28 April 2024

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Our current Year 7s are close to completing their first year at Priory and all admitted that, while they were nervous before they came into school, they have relished their first year here.

We spoke to pupils from each of our feeder schools to ask them what they like about Priory and what makes it different to their primary schools ...

Hollie, who went to Whitefield Primary School, said: "I like PE and it's different to primary school in that we move around to different classrooms."

Henry, who attended Howick Primary School knows what his likes best! He said: "I like the food in the cafeteria."

Kayden, from Broak Oak Primary School, said: "I have an older sister here so have visited Priory a few times so I have settled in easily."

Sports-mad Archie, from Cop Lane Primary School, said: "I love the sports at Priory - there are so many!"

Salahuddeen, from Whitefield Primary School, said: "I like PE best and Drama. At first it's a bit scary moving to secondary school but you soon get used to it and enjoy it."

Theo, who attended Little Hoole, said: "There are a lot more subjects than in primary school and they are more exciting, like doing science experiments."

Tobias, who came from Cottam Primary School, said: "The food is really nice! I would say to any Year 6 coming to Priory to stay positive as it is fun.”

Lola, from Middleforth, said: "The teachers at Priory are really helpful and it's not as scary as you think."

Maxi, who came from Longton Primary School, said: "I like Maths, PE and Art - they are all good!"

Jess, from Kingsfold Primary School, said: "I like PE the best, I have made some new friends. I would tell a Year 6 not to be worried, it's friendly."


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