15 March 2024

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Archie’s home is going to be full of medals as he has collected three recently in Mixed Martial Arts.

The Year 7 attends North West Fight Academy in Preston and trains almost every day.

“I went to the British Nationals in Manchester and won four fights and lost one. I fought for the gold and silver medals and ended up collecting a bronze on the day.

“I then competed in an Empire Grappling event in Wigan. I came third in the 40kg Year 10/11 group – it is heavier than what I would normally fight at.

“Then, at the same event, I won a gold medal in the 40kg 13/14 year group.

“Earlier this month I took part in an MMA fight in Preston - this was my third MMA fight of my career and I have now won all three.

“I have got a number of events coming up in May in MMA and Ju-Jitsu.”

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