2 May 2023

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It is about this time of year when we have our annual photoshoot with a selection of Year 7 pupils.  

With the A3 letters, they spell out messages to the Year 6 pupils who will be joining us in September and, at the same time, we have a just as an important one for our Year 11s as they embark on their final exams this term.

As usual, we had lots of fun on the shoot, and the pupils involved - one representing each of our feeder primary schools - were absolute stars.  We'll be sharing the final results and hearing more from these Year 7s in our next issue. 

Well done and thanks to - 

Zara W, Georgia R, Alexis G, Merdi A-M, Joshua W, Wiliam D, Ava S, Noah J, Wren T, Jessica J, Excellence I, Finn T, Aidan B, Yusuf A.

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