6 January 2023

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Priory’s Lead Learners are taking their roles seriously under the watchful eye of Assistant Head of Maths,  Mr Henshaw. 

Teachers nominated Lead Learners from Years 7 and 8 not necessarily for their academic achievements but primarily for their resilience, behaviour and helpfulness. 

Mr Henshaw said: “The job of the Lead Learners is ultimately to try and promote good classroom behaviour and we identified which pupils embody this by getting teachers to nominate pupils. 

“They aren’t always the brainiest pupils but are the ones who are resilient, who never give up and who are role models in terms of their behaviour which other pupils can aspire to. 

“Their purpose is to promote a sense of belonging within school; celebrate a wider range of abilities rather than just high prior attainers and to give pupils someone to emulate in terms of behaviour, attendance and resilience. 

“We want to celebrate their behaviour so they have a badge and we will have a get together where they will receive donuts!” 

The job description of a Lead Learner is: will turn up to lesson on time and ready to learn; may wish to have additional classroom responsibilities; will model resilience and other qualities of great behaviour for learning; will not always be a high attainer in every subject but will always be willing to try; and will be a great ambassador and custodian of the badge. 

Here's what we said:

Year 7 Esa was described as: ‘Engages in every lesson, has a great personality and wants to do well.’ 

He said: “I am proud to be a Lead Learner, it’s been explained what I have to do and I am happy.” 

Year 7 Thomas was described as: ‘Hardworking, willing to help and supportive of other pupils.’ 

Thomas said: “I am always willing to help, I will offer a helping hand when needed with giving out books or with school work.” 

Year 7 Jacob is described as ‘very hard working and resilient.’ 

“I have read two million words on Accelerated Reader and I also like maths and recently got 20 out of 20 on a test. I hope I am a good role model.” 

Year 8 Callum has a ‘positive approach to every lesson.’ He said: “I like to help out.” 

Year 8 Kiera ‘likes to get involved with class discussions and is a role model.’  She said: “I do have strong opinions and I do like to speak out if I feel strongly about it. I was surprised when I was told I was a Lead Learner but happy as well.” 

Year 7: Alex H, David F, Esa B, Isabel B-S, Jacob R, Jessica J, Phoebe G, Sophie P, Thomas E, Lily E.

Year 8: Callum G-V, Charlie W, Ellis T, Harry B, Kacper Z, Keira H, Taejuan S, Toby H, Alex G.

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