7 December 2022

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A large number of Year 7s have been granted warrior status by Head of English Mrs Gidden after completing ‘The Legends of Kraznir’ project. 

Mrs Gidden’s explained: “The Times Education Supplement ran this scheme around 30 years ago and I revamped it around ten years ago for the 21st Century, using one of my friends as an illustrator. 

“We launch it on Taster Day and asked pupils to do it over summer and then, when they come into Priory, they continue working on it as part of their creative writing unit. 

“In primary school, English tends to be quite technical so this was about creative writing and firing the imaginations of the pupils. It’s pure fantasy! 

“There are four staple characters in everyone's story but the pupils had to invent their lead character, decide which weapons they would have and which magical powers. 

“It was centred around stopping the peaceful country of Slinsil being conquered by warlike Kraznir. 

“The entries were absolutely superb and I have to give a special mention to Oliver K, who has a stunning way of writing and his imagery was amazing. We hope the Year 7s gain inspiration from it and take it all the way through school.” 

19 pupils especially impressed their teachers, out of a 150 year group, and they were given certificates. 

One of the ‘warriors’ Elliott said: “I liked it as you got to use your imagination and made your own lead character.” 

Alfie said: “It was fantasy and really interesting. You had to come up with a number of words to explain events, such as crossing a river and make sure nothing went wrong!” 

Jazmin said: “It was creative and I liked it as you got to decide your own destiny.” 

Logan added: “I liked how you could create your own characters and kill off those you did not like!” 

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