9 December 2022

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It's been a busy half term for the ICT & Computer Science department with three exciting enrichment events for our pupils. From a CyberFirst Empower event promoting STEM Careers for Year 8 girls to a 3D Design workshop for our Year 10s at Runshaw College. This week we highlight a STEM career talk for Year 9s. 

Earlier this half term, Year 9 girls attended an engaging and interactive workshop which focussed on careers in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).  Previously the girls had been involved in a 3D printing event at the end of Year 8 and we aimed to build upon that and introduce them to two women who have successful careers in the sector.

Head of ICT, Mrs Qadri, said, “By introducing girls to STEM careers in Year 8 and 9, this will hopefully inspire them to start thinking about which options to choose for GCSE and the different careers opportunities they can lead to.”

The session was led by Jenny Allton-Twist who is a Software Engineer at Brandwatch.com (a social listening company) and also Colette Weston who is Head of Scoping at PenTestPartners who test security on different devices and organisations.

The girls had to complete various group activities involving skills such as  Organisation, Creative Thinking, Communication, Teamwork, Timekeeping, Problem Solving, Leadership and Negotiation.

Pupils looked into the many and varied careers including 3D Printing Technician, Cyber Security Programmer, Computer Games Tester, Robotics Engineer, Social Media Manager, Data Scientist, Vlogger, Web Designer, Digital Librarian, Computer Programmer and Forensic Computer Analyst. They also learnt that many of them would be doing jobs in the future that currently don’t exist as technology advances at a very fast pace.

Did you know...

The girls took part in a quiz where they discovered that...

  • Only 14% of ICT professionals are female
  • 1.5 million more ICT professionals will be needed in the UK by 2026
  • 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years
  • 65% of school aged children will be doing a job that doesn’t yet exist

Year 9 STEM workshop

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