25 August 2022

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Despite an incredibly tough two years for everyone in preparing our pupils for their GCSEs, we have a real sense of celebration today with pupils achieving great results in all subject areas. These excellent results across the board, alongside some exceptional outcomes in certain areas, have ensured our high academic standards from previous years have not only been maintained, but built upon.  

Congratulations, therefore, first and foremost, to our pupils. We all know how hard it’s been at times, but also how hard you have worked. You should be very proud.  Congratulations too, to everyone associated with the school; staff, parents guardians, trustees; in supporting our young people throughout their time with us. 

These results are testimony to the hard work and dedication of everyone, ensuring our pupils are now able to leave Priory, equipped with the right skills and attitudes to help them succeed in life, contribute positively to society, and go on to further education, employment or training.


  • English - 83% achieved a grade 4+ (standard pass) - an increase of 2% from 2019.
  • Maths - 83% achieved a grade 4+ (standard pass) - an increase of 18% from 2019.
  • 76% of all pupils achieved a grade 4+ (standard pass) in two Sciences - a 21% increase from 2019
  • 59 grade 9s were achieved in various GCSE subjects - an increase of 46 compared to 2019

Finally, a reminder to all our pupils that results are only part of a bigger picture. Whilst they provide a platform from which you can now embark on the next stage of your lives, they do not define you or your future successes. You are more than a grade. The resilience you have shown under such conditions over these last two years is remarkable. You are all exceptional, inspiring and talented young people, and we couldn’t be prouder of you.

Congratulations again on your achievements today.  

Mr M Eastham

GCSE Results - A Summary

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