12 September 2022

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A group of Priory pupils have been invited to attend the unveiling of the murals that will surround The Harris during its renovation period.

Lead Teacher for Art, Mrs Hopes, and her Year 10 pupils have worked with Preston artist, Gavin Renshaw, to create the piece entitled, 'The links in the chain of are equal length' which will decorate the building until 2024.

In partnership with The Courtauld, the mural has been created to decorate the front of the Harris building in Preston city centre whilst building work begins for the Harris Your Place project.  The Museum and Art Gallery will be closed until 2024 with the mural displayed as part of the surrounding hoardings.

Mrs Hopes and the pupils began their involvement with the project back in March this year when they developed ideas for the painting based on experiences of workers at the Courtaulds factory.  They have been invited to attend the unveiling event on Tues, 13 September at 4pm with members of the public welcome to watch.

More information here: www.theharris.org.uk/harrisyourplaceinformation/harris-mural  

To commemorate the history of textile manufacturing in the Preston area, the mural celebrates the journeys that Courtaulds Ltd employees made drawing attention to the diversity of the workforce that came together and continues to contribute to Preston’s rich textiles heritage.

Students, now in Year 10, from Penwortham Priory Academy and Christ the King Catholic High School took part in a series of workshops with local artist Gavin Renshaw and illustrator Toya Walker to develop key themes for “The links in the chain are of equal strength”, creating artwork to be incorporated into the planning stages of development. 

Image below: Preparatory sketch based on the work of Priory and Christ the King high school pupils.

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