19 July 2021

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During Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils will complete a unit of learning in 'Food Preparation and Nutrition'. In the past we have asked pupils to bring in their own ingredients for the practical cookery lessons but from September, we would like to change to a system where school organises all the provisions and pupils bring their finished item home.  

The reasons we'd like to do this are: 

  • It reduces overall expense of the activities for families 
  • It reduces the amount of waste   
  • Lesson starts can be quicker and smoother if staff are not dealing with pupils who have not brought ingredients or not weighed them out in advance, etc. 
  • It provides a level of quality control over ingredients 
  • It provides better consistency of outcome  
  • It avoids any last-minute stress for families who are asked to provide things at short notice by their child 

To enable this to happen, we ask parents/carers to make this payment online via the SCOPAY system to pay for ingredients for the practical lessons. 

We anticipate making 5-6 items throughout each carousel including taste testing in school, etc. For this we will charge the following:         

Year 7 - £6         Year 8 - £7.50         Year 9 - £8.00 

We will alert you when it is time to pay as pupils are on a carousel and may not have their food lessons until later in the school year. If your child is on benefits-related free school meals, you can contact Mrs Cowell, Food Technology teacher via email at l.cowell@priory.lancs.sch.uk if contributing could pose a problem. 

If your child has any dietary requirements or food allergies, these will be catered for. Please make sure we have the most up to date information about this in your child's school records.  

A copy of the letter that has been emailed to Key Stage 3 parents can be downloaded from https://www.priory.lancs.sch.uk/parents/letters

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