It’s that time again!  The Scholastic Book Fair will arrive in school on Weds, 28 September 2022 and will leave on Weds, 5 October 2022.  The more money the pupils spend on books, the more books we can secure for our library.  Last year the pupils spent a phenomenal £487 at the Fair, meaning the library earned enough credit to take books from the fair to the value of £198!  Amazing!

Take a look at which books are coming to Priory>>

How to Pay:

Pupils can now pay for books online while they’re at the fair!  Pupils can scan the Scholastic QR code (which will be posted in the library during the fair) on their phones to easily access online payment.

Pupils/parents can buy gift vouchers online ahead of the book fair to avoid handling cash. Vouchers can be purchased until midnight the day before our book fair is collected (suggest a cut off of Mon, 3 October as the fair normally leaves very early on the final day). Find out more on our gift vouchers page.

Pupils can pay with cash at the Fair.

Chapter One – Liz Pichon - Scholastic Book Fairs - Listen to Liz Pichon reading the first chapter of each of her 18 Tom Gates books!

Scholastic Book Fair