BlueRunner is Priory's online catering pre-order system which allows pupils, or their parents, to pre-order cold food and drink to Take Away at break and lunch (hot food can be purchased direct from the dining rooms without the need to pre-order).

Everyone can have their own BlueRunner account - each parent can set up an account (please use different email addresses) and add the same children.  Pupils can have an account too.  This means that everyone can order from the cold food menu, check what has been ordered, make changes and cancellations etc. 

The process is simple:

  • Parents/pupils will be able to log in to the web portal at on any device and pre-order food for any given day or a number of days in advance. 
  • You can check your catering balance to ensure that you have sufficient funds to pre-order food or purchase at the till.  Orders cannot be placed without sufficient balance on the account.
  • To ensure that you have sufficient funds to pay for food, parents will need to top up accounts via SCOPay, our online payments system.
  • You will be able to review their transaction history as well as what has been pre-ordered.

User Guide

The BlueRunner system is very simple to use.  Below is a user guide which shows you how to set up an account and navigate the pre-ordering portal step by step. 

Food Hygiene Rating

Penwortham Priory Academy has a Food Hygiene Rating of 5. For details of the rating, please click on the link below.

Catering Support Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a BlueRunner account and place an order?

Go to and follow the instructions in the user guide below.  You do not need a unique access code. Parents and pupils can each have an account, and parents with multiple children at Priory can have one account each (please use different email addresses) with all their children linked rather than the need for separate accounts per child.

Pupils can use their school email address if they wish. The password they create in BlueRunner doesn’t have to be the same one that your child uses to access their school emails, however to keep things simple we recommend they use the same one.  The password will only be for online ordering and does not affect their email account in school.  

Once your account has been set up you will log in using your email address and chosen password. 

New intake Year 7 pupils, mid-year starters and new staff will receive set up instructions within their first few days of joining Priory.

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet to place an order?

Yes!  The BlueRunner website is optimised for mobile devices so users can order and access from their mobile phone.  Go to

Pupils can also use school computers at break and lunch and they can place orders in advance.   Please ask a member of staff for access to a computer room.   They can use their school email address if they wish, and you can also choose a different password just for this system although, to keep things simple, we recommend that they use the same one. 

Does this work in any browser?

Yes, all the major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

When is the cut-off time for placing orders each day?

The deadline for ordering cold food for that day is 11.59pm the evening before for both break and lunch.  You can pre-order cold food/drink for any given day or a number of days in advance. There will be a limited provision of sandwiches available to purchase from the dining rooms for pupils that haven't pre-ordered, along with a wide range of drinks and snacks.  Pupils will use their ID card to charge their account in this case.  Don't forget, the dining rooms serve freshly made hot food at break and lunch which you don't need to pre-order.

What about pupils who receive Free School Meals (FSM)?

Pupils entitled to FSM can to order on the system too just like all other pupils and their choice of cold food/drink will be taken from their daily allowance of £2.80. Their allowance can also be used to purchase hot food in the dining halls at break and/or lunchtime and payment will be taken at the till.  Any leftover balance cannot be carried over to the next day.

How will my child get their food?

Take Away orders will be available to collect in the Key Stage 3 dining room for all pupils.

Don't forget that hot food will be available to purchase, without the need to pre-order, from the dining room for pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9, and the Bistro for pupils in Years 10 & 11.

How do I add money to the account?

Catering accounts must be topped up online via SCOPay at  We cannot accept cash at the till and there is no facility to top up accounts with cash in school. 

Current pupils should already have a SCOPay account. If you don’t have an account, please email the Finance Officer, Mrs Cookson, to request an access code -  Year 7 pupils and other new starters will receive their login code for SCOPay within their first few days of joining Priory.

How do I check my child's balance and view transactions?

Parents/pupils can log in to BlueRunner where the balance/available credit, as well as previous transactions (order history), will be available to view.  Parents can also check their balance via SCOPay.

Is there an App?

No, however the BlueRunner website is optimised for mobile devices so users can order and access from their mobile phone.

I’m panicking, I’m having issues with BlueRunner and can’t set up an account or place an order.  What shall I do?

Email or contact reception/the school office to let us know and we will try to resolve the issue for you and pass a food order to the catering team for that day.  In the meantime, you may prefer to provide your child with a packed lunch.  Please also ensure that SCOPay has dinner money credit.  Pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals and have not been able to place an order will receive a grab bag. 

What is the Free School Meal daily allowance?

The daily allowance is £2.80 and you can place the orders in advance, order cold food online or purchase hot food at the tills. Please note, any unspent daily allowance cannot be carried forward to the next day.

My child is entitled to Free School Meals.  I want to order food that takes them over their daily allowance, can I do this? 

You can top up your child’s credit via SCOPay at  All parents should have a SCOPay account. If you need a reminder of your set-up code, please contact the Finance Officer, Mrs Cookson, at

Please note, any unspent daily FSM allowance cannot be not carried over to the next day.  Any money added by a parent will carry over.

Why is something is greyed out?

When items are grey, you may have missed the cut-off time for that day’s orders (11.59pm the evening before), the item is either not on the menu that day or it has now sold out.

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

Yes you can, although the cut off time is 11.59pm the night before. Users can cancel advance orders by clicking on the Meals Ordered button on the Home page, navigating to the date for which they wish to amend/cancel the order.  Click on the item and then the - button. If a child is not in school for any reason, then it is the parents responsibility to cancel any advance orders or they will still be charged.  Please note that users cannot amend/cancel that day's order so if a child is not in school please email before 9am and we will cancel the order for you.  Refunds cannot be issued retrospectively.

I’ve ordered my child’s meals for the week but they've been off sick the past few days, can I get a refund?

See above.

My child wants to Eat In but their friends order Take Away, can they eat together?

Yes. Pupils who have ordered a plated meal must eat it in the dining room or inform the catering team at the time of purchase that they wish to Take Away - they will then serve it in disposable tray.  Alternatively, if friends have brought a packed lunch or have ordered Take Away food, they can eat in the dining room with them.  

What's available if I've forgotten to order my lunch?

We have a wide selection of hot food, snacks and drinks available to purchase in the dining rooms using their ID card.

What if I have lost or forgotten my ID card?

Lost ID cards can be ordered and paid for via SCOPay for pupils to collect from the school office.  Replacements are charged at £1 each which includes the card holder and lanyard.

If a pupil is notifying us that they have lost their card and payment has not been received, then a text will be sent to let parents know.

We aim to replace cards before lunch however where this is not the case, pupils will still be able to purchase from the dining rooms and the catering team will manually process the transaction on the system that day.  This is the same for those that forgotten or just misplaced their cards. We cannot issue cards to 'borrow'.

What's on the cold food menu?

Sandwiches, baguettes, salads, pasta pots, drinks, yoghurts, fruit plus cakes and popcorn.

No cash is required as the pupil's ID card is used to charge their account.  If they do not have any credit, pupils should see their Head of Year or the Pastoral team for support. 

What if I have another question?

If you have any further queries, please email and we will support you as much as we can.

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