27 March 2024

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Year 9 Maisie has been praised for her ‘passion, commitment and progress’ by Music Teacher, Mr Taylor.

Maisie has taught herself the keyboards and has asked Mr Taylor for more tunes to play as she admits she just loves learning them.

“I saw my friend Ben playing the piano in Year 7 and that inspired me, it was a ‘Wow’ moment,” said Maisie.

“I have a keyboard at home and I asked Mr Taylor to give me with some songs to learn as I can read music.

“I enjoy playing ‘All Of Me’ and ‘Just The Way You Are.’

“I don’t really want to have lessons as I just like doing it in my own time and I don’t want to play in public as I think I would get too anxious and mess up so this is just about me enjoying it and hopefully progressing. I just want to get better.

“I have asked Mr Taylor for more songs to play and he has given me ‘Eastenders’ ‘The Simpson’s’ and ‘Teletubbies’ theme tunes to learn.

“I want to take my music further and I also enjoy drama and art.”

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