18 March 2024

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This week it's all about: the 1970s

Funk, Soul, R&B, Pop, Hard Rock, Soft Rock and Disco were all common genres in the music world in the 1970s. The late 70s also witnessed the birth of another young music style of hip-hop. Some of the most famous pop music of all time was recorded in the 70s; from David Bowie to Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd. Vinyl records were affordable to everyone and everyone had a record player. Enormous music festivals like Woodstock disappeared as quickly as they arrived, and it is fair to say that 1970 marked the end of an era. The Beatles dissolved, as each went their separate ways appearing on solo albums.  

Among the popular artists in the 1970s were Elton John, the Jackson Five, Diana Ross, Neil Diamond and Simon and Garfunkel. More local were the Bee Gees who were born on the Isle of Man and then lived in Manchester. They were famous for songs such as ‘Stayin' Alive’ and ‘Night Fever’. 

Johnny Cash won two Grammy awards for his song, “A Boy Named Sue.” Hard-rock group Three Dog Night ranked high on the national best-seller list. Elvis reappeared in concert, after making nearly 30 films in the 1960s. Overall, the 1970s was a decade of great variety. Hard rock got harder, soft rock got softer, and artists frustrated with standard musical forms tossed them aside and started their own. For fans of such new forms as funk, disco, punk, or new wave music, this innovation was wonderful. But others hated the music. Groups formed to express their hatred of disco. Some thought that punk culture was the sign of the downfall of civilisation and some revelled in that.

MaBaL (music at break and lunch) is music played through the school's speaker system during break and lunch.  Chosen by Mr Taylor, Lead Teacher for Music, this is designed to offer exposure to the curriculum in different ways, and support pupils' appreciation of music.

The focus is on one theme each week across a genre, a country or from history.  The theme could also link to the season, festival or an event in school, such as a performing arts production.  Any further suggestions are welcomed - pupils should see Mr Taylor or email a.taylor@priory.lancs.sch.uk 

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