25 January 2024

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The annual South Ribble Girls Gymnastics Competition took place on Wednesday night with some great success for Priory.

The competition, held at Worden Academy, included floor and vault events.  Priory's Year 8 girls were entered into the Advanced category for their year group.  

The girls had to combine six skills together to create a routine in front of the judges. First up was Issy T to take to the floor. Issy presented a fluid routine with a combination of cartwheels, turns and arabesque to complete her routine. Then Year 8 Millie took to the floor with her routine consisting of a back summersault, front support press and V-sit, demonstrating great flexibility, control and strength. The overall result for 'floor' ended with Mille receiving a silver medal.

Next was the Vault. The girls had to execute two vaults from a set requirement list. They both chose a handspring as this was what would score them the highest points. This decision certainly didn't disappoint, with Millie topping the scores coming in gold position, closely followed by Issy in silver medal position, a 1, 2 for Priory! 

The girls performed fantastically, showing support for each other and the opposition and certainly did Priory proud. Well done!

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