17 November 2023

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Watch out for ‘Freezing Hot Water’ – although the Priory band may change their name! 

Year 9s Evie, Ezra and Zach have formed their own band and performed the Arctic Monkeys ‘Mardy Bum’ at our Summer Arts Evening. 

“We called ourselves Freezing Hot Water but we may change it, we are not sure about it,” said vocalist Evie. 

Zach is the drummer and he said: “I had a couple of lessons during lockdown and then I got an electric drum set for my birthday. 

“We sung the Arctic Monkeys because it’s a song we all know but we are working on our own music. 

“Ezra’s dad has a sound studio so we practice there when we can.” 

Evie said: “There is a festival in Shrewsbury where teenagers can do gigs but you need to have written seven songs so that’s something we will need to work on.” 

Guitarist Ezra said: "I have had guitar lessons since Year 3. My dad is in a band, Quantum Beats, so music is always something I have been involved with."


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