10 November 2023

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An enthusiastic group of Year 7 pupils joined Mrs Cowell and Mrs Lockwood in the kitchen on Thursday after school to celebrate National School Meals Week by making Chicken Wraps.

One of our most popular lunchtime options, pupils made their own breaded chicken goujons served in a wrap, with salad and homemade dressing to enhance their dish.

Vice Principal and Food Technology Teacher, Mrs Cowell said, "Pupils learned how to bread goujons to make their own chicken wraps to celebrate School Meals Week. They enjoyed learning how to set oven temperatures, and how to clean knives carefully and thoroughly - Lots of fun and lots of learning!"

Well done - Dylan C, Matthew C, Henry H, Alyssia H, Lucy H, Corey H, Akemi K, Erin M, Amna M, Eli P, Archie Q, Ayana R-F, Jacob V-Z, Lilly W.

Year 7 Cookery Club - National School Meals Week

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