9 November 2023

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During Wednesday lunchtime the four Houses went head to head once again. 

At this 'just for fun' event, the contender's aim was tested as they were challenged to complete the Crazy Paper Golf course. 

Pupils could use a paper ball or plane of their choice and attempt to reach each hole in the fewest throws possible. 

The illusive Priory mascot, Pedro the Puffin, made his first showing after a prolonged break in the far southern hemisphere. 

Mr Raynor, who organised the event, commented, "Pedro's presence must have inspired the golfers as three players achieved hole in one shots!"
The final team scores were:

1st - Gold - Douglas - 23
2nd - Silver - Ribble - 25
3rd - Bronze - Calder - 27
4th - Bronze - Hodder - 32

Special mentions for the top scoring players from each team.

Douglas - Will B, Lucy J, Alex I, Jake L, Ossian H, Ben K, Myles N and Henry B
Ribble - Josh, Matthew, Isa, Joe, Naeem, Yusuf
Calder - Mackenzie, Reece, Oliver, Harry, Harriet, Amelia
Hodder - Dexter, Salahudeen, Akemi, Will

The scoreboard has been updated and we have a clear leader so far, however, there's still plenty of time to challenge Hodder before the academic year is out. 

Tags: Inter House Personal Development