21 February 2023

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Priory proudly celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and we have been digging through our archives to look at how the school has changed since 1953. 

There will be many celebrations and stories over the coming 12 months but firstly we had a chat with current pupils who have had members of their families attend Priory, either as Penwortham County Secondary Modern School or Priory Sports and Technology College before it became an Academy in 2012. 

Pupils from Years 7-11 were amazed at the photographs, enjoyed seeing their families on some of the photos as well as spotting teachers who have spent most of their careers at Priory.  It certainly means it’s always been a family affair at Priory and the school has had a huge impact on its local community over the last 70 years.

Year 7 Connor said: “My mum was in Mrs Simpson’s form who is still here now. She said Mrs Simpson was her favourite. 

“Both my mum and dad came here – as well as Mrs Simpson, I think Mr Taylor and Mr Faulkner taught my mum and dad as well. It is a bit weird having the same teachers as your parents!” 

Finn said: “I think my grandad came here, I am not sure, but my dad and uncle certainly did. My sister Macie is also here in Year 10.” 

Year 11 Aimee said: “My dad came here which is one reason I came here. He did well at school and was really into science and works at BAE Systems now. I haven’t followed in his footsteps as I am not into science but I am enjoying school life."

Ebony, also in Year 11, said: “My mum has told me stories about her time at Priory. She loved sports when she was here, she was a gymnast, and also did cross country. I didn’t inherit that – I do not enjoy sports! It is nice having some of the same teachers here though.” 

Holly said: “My mum and grandma came here. My mum is a hairdresser while I am more into drama. My mum came to look around at Open Evening and was impressed with how it had grown.” 

Amelie’s grandma Joan Frost went on the school's first trip abroad to France in 1961. 

“I think my grandma enjoyed geography and history while I am more into graphics," said Year 10 Amelie. "My grandma can still remember a lot about her time at school and we talk about how it has changed.” 

Lewis said: “My mum came here and my sister, who is six years older than me, also came here. I think Mrs 
Lewis-Lavender taught us all.” 

Logan said: “My mum and dad both came here, I don’t think my dad was the best behaved. They both have said how the school has changed dramatically building-wise and with the subjects.” 

Year 8 Evie spotted her dad on one of the school year books. 

She said: “He has a shaved head on the picture and it’s the same haircut he has now! I also saw his best friend so I have taken a picture and I can embarrass them now. I came to Priory partly because my dad had been here.” 

70th anniversary - keeping it in the family

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