7 December 2022

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Dozens of local contacts have received a Priory Christmas card, superbly designed by Year 8 pupil Jessica. 

Every year Lead Teacher of Art Mrs Hopes asks pupils in all year groups to design a Christmas card which has a Priory ‘twist’ contained in the design. 

The judging panel is Mr Eastham, Mrs Hopes, Mrs Yates and this year last year’s winner Year 9 pupil Agnes was invited to be one of the panel. 

Jessica came third last year but this year her Christmas tree design was chosen as the winner and the one which will be sent out. 

Mrs Hopes said: “Jessica’s design appealed because of the skills level which she used, it was creative, clear and it contained the Priory element. 

“It was a tough decision but Jessica just edged it. Agnes is a very talented artist so we let her judge this year and she enjoyed giving feedback.” 

Jessica, who won a £15 Amazon voucher, said: “It’s good to see it in print. It took me around a day to design it.” 

Year 9 Jane came second, winning a £10 Amazon voucher, with her snow globe design and this is on the back of the card. 

Jane said: “I wanted to enter and had some ideas and eventually went for the snow globe. It’s exciting to see it on the back of the card.” 

Year 9 Tilly was third, with Mrs Hopes praising her multi-cultural design, and she won a £5 Amazon voucher while 

Year 8 Harriet’s design was commended and she will collect a selection box in the end of year assembly. All competition entrants received achievement points. 

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