21 November 2022

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Penwortham Priory Academy siblings, Seth and Reese, have raised funds for a charity close to their heart. 

Year 8 Seth has dyspraxia, a condition which affects movement and co-ordination. His sister Reese, who is in Year 7, decided to sell ‘treat box’ cakes over October half-term to raise money for the Dyspraxia Foundation. 

Seth said: “I have dyspraxia which makes things in life a little bit more hard work but I always try my best."

Reese continued: “It means his brain doesn’t function like everyone else’s. We wanted to fundraise and we have always baked.  My mum has always made us amazing cakes for our birthdays and she bakes a lot of cakes for charity so it’s something we have always done. 

“We sent messages to family and friends that we had cakes for sale and we raised £160.” 

Seth added: “This is important to me, it affects so many people and many do not talk about it as you can be rejected by friends. 

“I don’t like talking about it but it’s important to raise awareness and my sister helps me do that and she talks about it which is great because I love her!” 

What is Dyspraxia?

Dyspraxia is a surprisingly common condition affecting movement and coordination in children and adults. It affects all areas of life, making it difficult for people to carry out activities that others take for granted. 

Each person’s experience of dyspraxia is different and will be affected by a person’s age, the opportunities they have had to learn skills, environmental demands and the support/understanding shown by people around them. 

There are, however, some common signs of dyspraxia affecting movement (difficulty coordinating large and small body movements), organisation and planning (organising themselves, their equipment and their thoughts), and speech and language (difficulty keeping up with conversations). 

For more information, visit the Dyspraxia Foundation website at https://dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/

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