8 November 2022

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Last Friday after school, Year 7 had their first opportunity join in some making and baking fun when Food Technology teacher Mrs Cowell invited them to have a go at making Greek cheese pies called Spanakopita.

What is Spanakopita?

This is an authentic Greek savoury spinach and cheese pie featuring layers of crispy, flaky pastry and a rich spinach and feta cheese filling. This is usually served warm for an impressive but easy to make vegetarian main meal.

Mrs Cowell said, "Apart from expanding their cultural experiences, the pupils learnt how to handle the delicate filo pastry. It's so thin you can see your hand through it. When cooked it's really crispy and is a good alternative to heavier, more traditional pastries like shortcrust as it's a lot lower in saturated fat."

"Adding spinach to the pies ensured that they were high in iron, something that teenagers need more of in their diet than at other times of life."


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