14 October 2022

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Our new Year 7s have adapted to life in Priory easily – and they already have favourite teachers! 

Head of Year 7 Mrs Farley has been impressed with how quickly the new group have come to terms with secondary school life. 

She said: “I’m really impressed by the Year 7s this year. They have come in and taken to secondary school like ducks to water.  I think with so many coming to Summer School this has really helped them to settle in a lot quicker too.  

“They are getting to grips with the systems and how we work which can be quite overwhelming – particularly those that come from some of the smaller primary schools - but they’re all taking the advice given and asking for help when it’s needed and they are getting more and more confident each day. They’re really getting stuck into life at Priory and it’s great to see!” 

Megan B said: “It’s been a lot of fun so far, I have made a lot of new friends and there is nothing to be scared about. My favourite teacher is Mr Watters, he taught my mum!” 

Catherine C said: “It’s been great, I have met a lot of new people.” 

Alfie C said: “I have settled in quite well, it’s nice to walk around the school to lessons as it feels like there is more freedom. My favourite subject is definitely maths. Mr Raynor is a great teacher.” 

Saachi R said: “I love drama and I am looking forward to taking part in the shows.” 

Wren T said: “My favourite subject is English, you never know what to expect in class.” 

Joshua added: “My favourite subject is PE, there is a lot more equipment and grounds than at primary school.” 

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