13 July 2022

Well done to our Year 10 pupil Katie who has risen through the ranks to become a Corporal in the RAF Air Cadets. 

Katie has been a member of the Preston-based RAF Air Cadets for three years, with all her family involved. 

“I had to prove I could be a leader so I took over drills and so on when the other NCOs (Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers) were doing their GCSEs. I made the step up and it worked well. 

“I go twice a week and now I am leading people of my own age which is a bit strange but I am proud to be a Corporal.

“I also go on camps at weekend which I enjoy. 

“School work can all get a bit stressful so I find this a release. 

“I want to go into aerospace and be an engineer and the Cadets is a hobby but it also gives me a valuable insight into other aspects of life.” 

Tags: Learning for Life Year 10