4 July 2022

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The Priory library is fast proving to be the hub of the school with volunteers making sure it runs like clockwork. 

The library is under the watchful eye of English teacher, Mrs Elliott, but she admits the pupils who volunteer from all age groups make it easy for her. 

“We have so many librarians and we had training sessions recently to add more. They are amazing as we can get a delivery of 100 books and they process them which involves adding them to our library software, checking to see which reading level they are and then stickering them up ready for the shelves! And it’s all without me really being too involved.  A well oiled machine!" 

“We have added some new shelving and the librarians have designed it, already deciding which books will go on it.  It's great they are so involved. It gives them responsibility and a sense of ownership. 

“They do give up some of their breaks and lunchtimes to work in the library but we have it on a rota basis so it’s fair to everyone. 

“The library is a major part of the school and there is a buzz of excitement around it, especially when we get new books.  

'TikTok Made Me Buy It' has been amazing at encouraging the pupils to seek out new books!  The silver lining of social media!

“We are continually sourcing new books for the library.  We have a suggestion box, and it encourages everyone to feel part of the library and of course, to read, something which is key at Priory. 

“We are going to have a new section on the website soon, especially for the library and reading in school.” 

Librarian Daniel said: “I love reading and have got to know about other new books and authors in the library. I chose to volunteer because I enjoy it and also I have made new friends among the librarians.” 

Emily said: “I enjoy reading and, even though we do give up some breaks and lunches, it’s a worthwhile sacrifice. I now have access to a lot of different books.” 

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