1 July 2022

Annie is currently undertaking her PGCE in Primary Education at Nottingham University and has returned to Priory for her compulsory two weeks of secondary school experience.   Annie has been under the wings of her former form tutor and professional mentor, Mr Taylor, and has been shadowing Year 7 classes during her time with us.

Annie writes, 

"My time at Penwortham Priory Academy was filled with lots of special memories and achievements. It helped to shape me into the adult I am today and sparked a passion for teaching. Now I am currently completing my teacher training, although at primary level, returning to Priory to understand the transition Year 6 pupils make to Year 7 felt important. 

"It has been a pleasure to see the faces of my old teachers such as Mr Taylor, who was my form tutor and encouraged me throughout my time at priory. 

"Returning has been a pleasure and has developed my understanding of what makes effective teaching and learning. It has been eye opening to develop an understanding of what teachers at Priory do behind the scenes to ensure that every child receives an enriching education. From active learning experiences in class to ‘Learning for Life’ sessions, I can see how each child is supported in every aspect of their development which has furthered my understanding and supported my own professional development. 

"Although many things have evolved since my time at Priory it is clear that teachers old and new truly value each individual and work tirelessly to support them in achieving their best. I will always cherish my memories of Priory and thank everyone who made me feel welcome then and now."

Tags: Alumni