23 May 2022

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After school on Friday, Mrs Cowell invited Year 7 pupils to join her for a Creative Cookery class where they baked rainbow biscuits.

Pupils got to experience using food colouring pastes which gave the intense colours without the wetness of a liquid colour. The side effect was that they did end up with rainbow hands too but Mrs Cowell assured them they wouldn't have to permanently change their surnames to 'Unicorn' or 'Rainbow' as the effect would wear off. A handful of the cookies were finished with edible glue and coloured sugar strands. 

Hope you had fun: Anees U-R, Grace P, Charlie McC, Jessica L, Nina A-R, Jessica D, Harriet H, Phoebe W, Wiktoria C-C

Year 7 Cookery Club - Rainbow Biscuits


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