30 March 2022

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Humanities teacher, Miss Ackers tasked her Year 8 students with researching and creating a poster or PowerPoint on whatever part of history interests them. 

Some of the pupils investigated historical events such as World War One and Two or 9/11, others researched things close to their hearts such as the history of football, dance, cars, fashion and even the history of torture methods! 

Miss Ackers said, "They loved the free reign and completed some exceptional work as a result. It was nice to see the interests our pupils had outside of school and what they wanted to spend the time researching further. We unfortunately don’t get to teach every part of world history at high school, but lessons like this certainly encourage engagement in the subject and widen the pupils historical knowledge in general.”

Here are just a selection that caught Miss Ackers' eye:

The History of Dance by Maisie G
The Evolution of Football by Ethan H
World War Two by Imogen H
The History of PNE by Reece R
The History of Fashion by Darcey K

Year 8 History

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