21 March 2022

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Here is a photo of just some of the entries for the 'Votes for Women' competition we ran whilst studying the 'Of Mice & Men' unit. 

Women won the vote less than 20 years before the novella is set so, for the Women in the story, having a voice in society was still quite unheard of especially in the South of America. For Curley's Wife, the only woman on a ranch, she never gets heard out or even named before her untimely demise.

Year 9 enjoyed the book immensely, citing it as the 'Best book (they've) ever read'.

The competition shows how widely enjoyed the novella has been this year with the top four entries coming from:

Emmie P - 9E1 | Lily McM - 9E2 | 
Jess M - 9E1 | Lily H - 9E1

The overall winner is Lily H whose entry depicted a boat on a stormy sea with the caption 'votes for women' on the Boat's side. I love this symbolic representation of the suffragette struggle. 

A certificate and Amazon voucher is winging its way to Lily!

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