11 March 2022

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We are delighted to tell you that Priory is over-subscribed for the new intake of Year 7s. 

The current Year 6s found out which secondary school they would attend last week and Priory proved a popular choice with the allocated 150 places all taken up. 

Head of Year 7 and Transition Manager Mrs Farley said: “It’s amazing! Primary schools usually start coming to us in Year 5 but it has been hard due to Covid so that makes these numbers even better. 

“We held our Open Evening this year and it proved very popular and we had such good feedback about the school and our pupils. 

“People commented on the nice atmosphere at the school, the friendliness of staff and also our pupils, who took many parents and prospective pupils on tours, were praised as informative, polite and that they knew the school well. 

“Our facilities also won a lot of praise. We have built a number of new state-of-the-art buildings over the years, the latest being our HEX building and our upgraded Sports Hall, and I think people who come into school are impressed with that they see. 

“We are delighted we are over-subscribed but it’s also tinged with some disappointment that not everyone who wants to come to Priory has been able to get in. That’s a shame as we are a welcoming school and we obviously would have loved everybody to come here! 
“Priory has such a strong reputation now, we have worked hard in primary schools and with our local community and these figures show that. It’s a huge boost for the staff and shows Priory keeps moving forward.” 

Principal, Mr Eastham, said: “It really is wonderful to know that such a large number of pupils and their families want to make Priory their first choice of secondary school again. It’s testimony to the recognition we have of being a great school, both locally and further afield too, where people identify with our culture of high academic standards alongside an environment and ethos where all pupils feel safe, happy and that they belong to our school community.” 

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