10 December 2021

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I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that came to see 'Matilda'. The dedication from everyone has been amazing. I want to thank all the parents and guardians for doing the late pickups and putting up with tired teenagers but I'm sure you'll all agree it was worth it.  

On the last night I stood backstage and watched the faces of our students as they performed, and I felt blessed and privileged to be a part of their journey in life.  These are memories we will all take and keep close to our hearts. 

We have so many talented students in our school and I'm glad that they feel safe and secure enough to be able to showcase their talents. Our stagehands and technical team were also made up of our amazingly talented students; without them we wouldn't have had the show we had.

For our Year 11s this was an emotional one as it is their last performance at Priory but boy what a show to go out on!

However, for the rest of our students it is not time to sit and relax as we have an exciting new project coming soon.

Auditions for 'Game Over' will be held next Thursday,16 December after school.  Please put your name down on the sheet outside DR1 if you are interested. 

Once again thank you to all involved, thank you to all the staff who helped - we couldn't have done this without you!! 

Miss Howell
Lead Teacher for Drama



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