5 November 2021

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There were sparks flying last night in the Food Technology room when Mrs Cowell invited Year 8s to take part in her after school Bonfire Night-themed cookery club. 

The Year 8 pupils had a fire-cracking time making Chocolate Autumn Bark - melted chocolate studded with dried apple and pieces of toffee popcorn then chilled to set and broken up. Also on the menu were 'Rocket' dogs and Bonfire cupcakes.

Hope you enjoyed taking part: James S, Kaycee M, Ruby E, Paige M, Emma H, Layla H, Jolie T, Mia B, Success I, Dylan N, Xander C,

Mrs Cowell will be running her next Creative Cookery workshop for Year 9 pupils on the lead up to Christmas - where you'll be making festive treats!  

The date is to be confirmed so look out in your year group Teams for the announcement. It’s free but there are limited places which will be given to the first 15 pupils who contact Mrs Cowell  following the release of the date. 


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