21 October 2021

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Crime Scene Investigations came to Priory as the pupils from Year 9, 10 & 11 designed a photofit and admitted it was tricky even with it being someone they knew! 

MCS Projects came into school for a Science and Technology Activity Day, specifically but not totally aimed at girls, to show them careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths). 

There were two parts to it – one a robotics lesson and the other making a photofit on technology the police use. 

Science teacher Mrs Massey said: “The aim of the day is to give pupils a wider view of STEM subjects. It’s to encourage girls to get involved in STEM and show that it covers more than medicine, nursing and dentistry. 

“There is also engineering, police, forensics and a lot more.” 

MCS Project partner John Waterworth said: “It’s the first time we have been to Priory and it’s great to come. 

“Our sessions were based around raising enthusiasm for STEM and more insight into STEM and showing the different careers and the opportunities around STEM. It’s also got to be fun so we make it as enjoyable as possible. 

“We have done some sessions on Robotics where pupils learn how to programme a lego mindstream EV3 robot to navigate a course, with each robot equipped with infrared and proximity sensors. 

“Then we have the session with the photofit. We get a teacher they know to come in and ‘steal’ a laptop and then they use the latest E-FIT 6 facial recognition software, which police use on identifying criminals, to create a computer image of the thief. They also consider problems associated with memory and facial recognition. Pupils love this one as it gives them a big buzz but it’s a lot harder than they think!” 

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