22 September 2021

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Killer Game by Kirsty McKay

This month Humanities and AR teacher, Miss Ackers, has sent in her 'pick'...

This was my first summer holiday read, and I was hooked from the beginning!

The plot was super interesting. Cate goes to a private school on an island just off the coast of Wales. Every year they play a game in which a designated 'killer' must 'kill' as many people as possible before the rest of the players guess who they think is committing the 'murders'. A real Cluedo style game! 

However, this year, the kills are happening for real, and Cate is next on the list. The stakes have risen, and she must find the killer, not to win the game, but to survive the night.

I absolutely loved this book. It was a suspenseful page turner and the twists and turns had me hooked. If you like murder-mystery style books, then this is the one for you! See if you can guess who the killer is before the big reveal at the end. 

AR Book Level: 4.8 (Red) 

Tags: English