14 July 2021

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The weather forecast for Sports Day on Thursday, 15 July is due to be hot. Pupils are advised to wear suncream and bring it to re-apply throughout the day.

Pupils are in full PE kit all day but may also bring a shirt of their house colour to support as they spectate. They will also need to bring plenty of drinks, preferably that can be refilled as necessary.

The school day starts at 8.40am and ends at 3.05pm as normal.

Instructions for Sports Day...

  • All pupils must come to school in their PE kit. 
  • If you choose to wear t-shirts in your house colour throughout the day, you must be in full PE kit to compete in so please make sure you bring your shorts and t-shirt on the day as well. You will be unable to compete if you do not have PE kit on! 
  • Non-competitors are expected to be in full PE kit.
  • Bring with you a coat/jacket to wear in case you get cold.
  • An umbrella would be good for all weathers – perhaps in your house colour!
  • Everybody must bring a bag with their own refreshments in to last them for the day. There will be no food served at break time.
  • The weather is likely to be sunny. However, if it does rain slightly during the day we will continue with the events so please bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella with you so you don’t get too wet – again, perhaps in your house colours!
  • You will be outside all day so we strongly advise you to wear sun cream, bring sun cream with you to re-apply throughout the day and wear a hat/cap for protection against the sun.
  • Competitors must ensure they have inhalers with them if they are needed.
  • All pupils will register in their Learning for Life classes at Period 1. 
  • The Learning for Life tutors will lead their pupils out to the field and direct you to your seating area – you will need to take your bag and a chair with you.
  • The first event will start at 9.15am. 
  • Pupils will be seated with their year group, not their house.
  • There will be an early lunch at 12.15pm, but there will be no snacks from the dining room at break time, so don’t forget your own refreshments!
  • Sports day will resume after lunch with the relay events starting at 1.15pm. Anyone involved in the relay must report back to their seats by 1.00pm.
  • At the end of sports day L4L tutors will lead pupils back to their class. Pupils will need to take their chair and any belongings back to their L4L room and then stay with the class.
  • Pupils who come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any event, you must sit on the benches next to the winners’ podium, until you have been awarded your certificate. 
  • Participants must wear their house coloured band given to you at the start of your event.


Mr Bullock 
Head of PE & Sport

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