16 November 2020

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Year 10 pupil Stephen is determined to work with animals when he is older and Priory allows him to spend a day a week striving to achieve his dream. 
Stephen attends Myerscough College every Wednesday to study Agriculture.  It’s a Level One Certificate & Diploma in Practical Countryside Skills - Agriculture and Countryside. 

The course covers large animals, crops, land management and machinery over the two years. 

“I really like animals so this is good for me,” said Stephen, who also excels at maths at school. “I have four chickens at home and I really want a dog!"

“I like being around animals and going to Myerscough allows me to do this. I work with big farm animals like sheep and cows and it’s hard work doing things like checking their feet and cleaning them. They are the same size as me! We work with two farms and so get hands-on experience of life with animals. 

“I am not sure I will be a vet when I am older but I watched a programme on RSPCA officers and I may try to go into that.” 

At Priory we want everyone to achieve their dreams, whatever they may be, and allowing Stephen to do this one day a week is supporting his aspirations.

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