25 June 2020

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We had every colour of the rainbow as Food Technology teacher, Mrs Cowell, challenged pupils and staff to come up with their most kaleidoscopic baked masterpieces for her Cake Off competition.

There were some amazing entries and it seems everyone had fun making them...but the icing on the cake was that there were no losers as all entrants got to enjoy their homemade treat!

Your winners are:

Pupil Winner - Josh T (Year 8 C3) 
Rainbow and plane - innovative and different approach

Pupil Highly Commended -  Lilo T (Year 8 C1)
A perfect swiss roll with no cracks!

Staff Winner - Miss Beesley
For her alternative approach

Staff Highly Commended - Mrs Bullock's daughter, Ava
Made entirely herself, an incredible achievement given her age! 

Winners received a certificate and an Amazon voucher.

Well done to all our entrants:


Year 7 Martha McA C7, Tyler M D5, Lillyrose A D6 Year 8  Lee T C1, Courtney M D1, Elizabeth F R7, Josh  R C3, Maya P D4 Year 10 Louis F D4, Lexi G D6,


Miss Beesley, Mrs Bullock & Ava, Miss Bolton, Mrs Evans, Mrs Eastham and her daughters who ‘helped’ make this cake especially their attempt at rainbow popcorn around the bottom!

Cake off competition

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