21 April 2024

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All year STEM club has been working on exploring Science outside of the classroom.  The Year 7 & 8s have made indicators from fruit, investigated the best construction for bridges and formulated their own elephant's toothpaste, to name just a few.

In their last session, the group ventured across to the Food Technology classroom for an entirely different investigation - can you cook ice cream? They discussed the particle arrangement of gases and how the spacing between them made them poor conductors so, if we added enough air to a meringue, we should be able to cook the meringue whilst the ice cream remained frozen.

STEM Club lead and Assistant Head of Science, Mrs Potter, said, "After great teamwork making the baked Alaska, including some tense moments whilst separating eggs to get the whites, each team managed to get their experiment to the oven and unlike in the Science lab, they enjoyed eating the resulting bake!"

Well done: Imogen K, Noah P, Dexter H, Oliver C, Charlie P, Jacob S, Marshall T.

STEM Club is for Year 7 and Year 8  pupils and has now ended for this academic year.  It will begin again in September and will run weekly after school until 4pm. STEM stands for a collaboration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and gives pupils an excellent opportunity to develop skills such as perseverance and communication.



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