2 February 2024

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Priory's Year 10 girls football team began their Lancashire Cup campaign on Thursday. We travelled over to Blackburn where the first-round match was held by St Bede's. 

With a slightly delayed start due to a fire alarm, this didn't deter the girls who were raring to go.

And we didn't take long to get the ball rolling - with Molly scoring our first goal in the first 5 minutes. 

A strong Priory defence from Eloise, Olivia and Mia, meant Bede's struggled to get through. This opened the way for more goals from our girls with a fantastic corner goal from Caitlyn, closely followed by another from Mia to make it 3-0 at half time.

A quick team talk, energy boost and the girls were back on it for the second half - Ruby making some fab saves, until Bede's scored, making it 3-1. 

This gave Priory more determination to carry on. With Molly again scoring another two goals to make her hat trick! 

Alessia not letting a knock to the nose get her down, came back on to score our final goal, smashing it in the back to the net. With a last-minute attempt from Bede's, the overall result was a win for Priory of 7-3! 

Miss Beesley said, "The girls showed great determination and resilience during the game and did Priory proud. We will now move onto the second round and await our new competitors."

Top row Eloise G, Olivia S, Ruby E, Mia B, Mia C | Bottom row Molly S, Alessia S, Caitlyn P 

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