15 January 2024

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Lead Teacher for Music, Mr Taylor, says the addition of a double bass, donated to Priory, has and will continue to enhance his lessons. 

The double bass and two guitars arrived via Learning Support Assistant, Mrs Simpson. 

Mrs Simpson said: “While visiting my sister-in-law, Wendy Simpson, I was asked “Do you know anyone that would like a double bass?” 

“I instantly thought of Mr Taylor and the music department so asked her to leave it with me.  

“The double bass had belonged to my nephew who now lives in Hong Kong and no longer uses it. 

“Mr Taylor seemed excited by the thought of a double bass in the department along with two guitars.” 

Mr Taylor said: “It’s been brilliant, it’s taller than most of the children and taller than me. It’s a big old instrument and it’s been a welcome addition to lessons. 

“It’s a fantastic visual tool for the children to see how sounds are made and produced. It plays the lowest possible notes and it’s so big they can see how sounds are made and how the pitch is changed. 

“It ties in with my Year 8s who are working on Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ and some versions have a double bass. 

“It also ties in with my Year 9s and the link to classical music and early pop with the Blues, where the double bass is played which later became the bass electric guitar. 

“It’s also got the ‘wow’ factor. Classes come in and see it in a corner and want a go. It’s in great condition and we don’t want it just as a museum piece, we want it as a living, breathing part of lessons.” 

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