21 December 2023

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Pupils were praised as ‘extremely creative’ as the annual Geography Contours Competition enjoyed record entries!

Led by Geography teachers Mrs Kursitis, Mr Momoniat and Mr Metcalfe, it was a competition run across all classes in Year 7 as an addition to lessons.

Mr Momoniat said: “Pupils had two months to make a 3D contour model and include the criteria of key, scale and the right colours for the different levels. 

“Pupils used cardboard and paint but the winner, Arjuna, used air dried clay and made a waterfall on his design.  

“Some pupils used a 3D printer while one pupil used material from Plaster of Paris, usually used in casts for broken bones.

“It was a competition at home and many pupils went above and beyond. They were extremely creative and we had the biggest ever submission this year which is superb. 

“It shows their enthusiasm for Geography, something we obviously encourage. Year 7 pupils have already shown a great passion for the subject.” 

Mrs Kursitis said: “There were some wonderful entries, they really did think outside the box and it was hard to judge the winners.” 

Arjuna was the winner and said: “It was my mum’s idea to use air dried clay and it took us about an hour to make. I found it quite easy but I do enjoy geography.  My mum was very shocked when I told her I had won. We were pleased with the outcome.” 

Sophia said: “I made my mountain in pieces and put a flag in it. I used cardboard and it took me around an hour. I love geography so I was pleased to be a prize winner.” 

Imogen said: “I really enjoyed doing this, Mr Mo is my Geography teacher and is very enthusiastic.” 

Class Winners

7E1: Jess H, Theo L, James A
7E2: Jacob V-Z, Freya Clark, Eli P
7E3: Marshall T, Dexter H, Salahuddeen I

7W1: Lola B, Thomas A, Lily W
7W2: Joel O/Joe W, Ella R, Joel W

Overall: Arjuna P, Imogen C, Sophia L.

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