1 December 2023

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During Thursday lunchtime, the Houses went head to head once again.

The fourth 'just for fun' event took place in the sports hall where pupils were challenged to shoot the hoops as many times as they could within a minute.

One volunteer from each form made a team of six, with reserves and spectators at the sidelines.  

House Leader, Mr Raynor, said, "The players could shoot as many times as possible, all at once or one at a time.  The team with the highest score will win." 

As well as having fun, volunteer pupils honed their communication and teamwork skills as they get to work with pupils from other year groups belonging to the same House that they wouldn't normally interact with. 

Special mentions to:

Ribble: Christopher, Alfred, Tobias, Noah, Joe, Mahir, Cameron, Junior
Hodder: Kai, Yaseen, Ted, Alexa, Josef
Douglas: Connie, Alice, Thomas, Henry, Lucas, Joel
Calder: Oscar, Marshall, Freddie, Jack, Alexander

Congratulations to Mr Raynor's Ribble who scooped the net the most times - seen below with Pedro!

1st Ribble (44 hoops) 
Joint 2nd Hodder & Calder  (22 hoops each) 
3rd Douglas (16 hoops)

The scoreboard is now as follows: Ribble's gold has helped to push them up into 3rd and Calder have increased their lead a little bit further with another silver.

House Competition - Shoot The Hoops

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