17 October 2023

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Louis is drumming his way to success! 

The Year 10 pupil has been playing the drums for around four or five years and has passed his Grade 4 exams. 

“My dad wanted me to play an instrument so I tried guitar but I found I preferred the drums,” said Louis. 

“I have lessons at Rimmers Music and also practise at my dad’s house. 

“I like rock and heavy metal but I am not in a band yet. I hope to be one day. 

“Playing the drums is not as easy as people think. They think you just hit the drums but it’s about getting the harmonies right to get the perfect tone from loud to quiet. 

“I take some inspiration from the Foo Fighters.” 

Louis played to the whole school during the end of year assembly in July where he drummed up much applause.

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